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The Iroquois Amateur Radio Club is an organization dedicated to the enjoyment of Amateur Radio.  The club, known as IARC, operates and maintains a total of four repeaters in eastern Ontario.  If you would like information about Amateur Radio (also commonly known as “Ham Radio”) or for more information about the IARC, please feel free to contact the club.

How to contact the IARC

The IARC can be contacted in a number of ways.  Please see the Contact page.

Monthly Meetings

The club normally meets on the first Wednesday of the month, September to June.  Meetings begin at 7:30 PM at the Iroquois branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.  Visitors are always welcome.

Raccoon Net

The Raccoon Net meets every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM on VE3IRO.  All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to check in.

Executive Home Annual Flea Market

The IARC hosts an annual flea market on the first Saturday of April.  Please see the Activity page.




Keith Poore



Mike Pinfold

Past President


Don Brownlee

Secretary and Editor


George Hoftyzer



Welcome Back Everyone - Good Summer?


Sept 14-16 Camping Trip - Charleston Lake

Sept 22 - Monthly Breakfast: Yefsi

Oct 03 - Monthly  Meeting