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Minutes of the  meeting of IARC held in the Iroquois branch of the Royal Canadian Legion on Oct 2, 2019

Members in Attendance:

 Gilbert VE3CFS, Stan VA3JSF, Manfred VA3RMF, Bill VE3BXP,  Mike VE3BAE, Les  VA3LGL, Mike VA3TUF,Preston VE3GXA, Perry VA3APS,    George VE3TYZ,  Keith VA3KPP,  Don VA3NC and special guest Chip Chapman VA3KBG .

Opening Remarks

Keith opened the meeting by welcoming all members to the meeting.

Treasurer's Report


      GIC    $5000 .           

      Bank   $ 525.24      

 On Hand  $ 176.30

     Total    $5701.54

Secretary's Report

Nothing new to report at this time.

Old Business

Review of Last Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as published on a motion by Dave and seconded by Bill BXP .

Repeater Report

VE3IRO The  noise is still on the repeater . When the weather gets warmer and appointments can be


Members in Attendance:

Mike VA3TUF, Stan VA3JSF, Manfred VA3RMF, Mike VE3BAE, George VE3TYZ, Dave VE3JLV, Keith VA3BG, Don VA3NC, and guest Pete Legault.

Opening Remarks:

The meeting started with a greeting from Keith.

Treasurer's Report:

The Treasurer’s report shows the club’s finances are in good order.

Secretary's Report:

There was nothing new to report at this time.

Old Business:

Review of Last Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted on a motion by Mike TUF and seconded by Mike VE3BAE.

Repeater Report

It was decided to put on hold the attempt to refurbish the old repeater as we may do more harm than good. More Thought needed before we take drastic actions.

There are still problems with IRLP and Echo-link but Keith found that the radio used had problems and he is attempting repairs and hopes to get it

working again as soon as possible.

The other repeaters seem to operating normally but have little use at this time.

Club Website

The club website address is:


There was a complaint about the email addresses on the website but these were checked and seemed OK with no problems found.

Club Project

We are still discussing the next club project with no firm decision made yet.

Trip to Diefenbunker Museum

The trip to the museum went well with all the participants enjoying the visit.

New Business:

Christmas dinner Dec 6. We need a volunteer to call the members to confirm the number of attendees.

Guest speakers

Do you have any preferences or suggestions for a topic you might like to hear about?

Stan could use the help in finding the next person or topic to present to the club.

Apple Festival

Keith arranged for a booth . We had a pancake breakfast there and set up a portable station.. There was not much interest showed in what we

had so we need something much more colourful to attract attention (nude dancers?). More flashing lights and CW sounds perhaps.

Camp Out

The camp out dates were Sept 13-14-15 2019.

The Camp out went well but there were not many participants this year.Perhaps more people will be available next year.

50 50 Draw

The drawing was won by Keith VA3BG,

Saturday Breakfast Date

There will be a breakfast at the Yefsi Restaurant on October 19 at 09:00 Hrs.

Apple Festival  Keith arranged for a booth. We had a pancake Breakfast there and set up a portable station.. There was not much interest shown in what we


There was a motion to adjourn by Manfred VE3RMF

The next meeting to be held at the Legion in Iroquois November 6 at 19:30 hrs.


D M Brownlee VA3NC

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