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Minutes of the  meeting of IARC held in the Iroquois branch of the Royal Canadian Legion on Oct 3 2018

Members in Attendance:

 Gilbert VE3CFS, Stan VA3JSF, Manfred VA3RMF, Bill VE3BXP,  Mike VE3BAE, Les  VA3LGL, Mike VA3TUF,Preston VE3GXA, Perry VA3APS,    George VE3TYZ,  Keith VA3KPP,  Don VA3NC and special guest Chip Chapman VA3KBG .

Opening Remarks

Keith opened the meeting by welcoming all members to the meeting.

Treasurer's Report


      GIC    $5000 .           

      Bank   $ 525.24      

 On Hand  $ 176.30

     Total    $5701.54

Secretary's Report

Nothing new to report at this time.

Old Business

Review of Last Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as published on a motion by Dave and seconded by Bill BXP .

Repeater Report

VE3IRO The  noise is still on the repeater . When the weather gets warmer and appointments can be


Members in Attendance:

Don VA3NC, Keith VA3BG, Geo VE3TYZ, Bill VE3BXP, Mike VA3TUF, Dave VE3JLV, Manfred VA3RMF, Gilbert VE3CFS, Tom VA3KD, Les VA3LGL, John VE3TV, Perry VA3APS, Preston VE3GXA, Mike VE3BAE, Bill VE3UTG, Stan VA3JSF.               


Opening Remarks:

Keith opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. He remarked on the number of members attending as it was the largest number in a very long time!

Treasurer's Report:  

The Treasurer’s report shows the club’s finances are in good order.

Secretary's Report:

Nothing to report at this time.

Old Business:

Review of Last Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting  were accepted on a motion by Dave and seconded by Mike VA3TUF.

Repeater Report

It was reported that VE3IRO was still acting up. If it should fail on net night members are reminded that they should move to VA3NDC in Winchester on 146.97 as a back-up plan after two or three minutes. Scuttlebutt has it that one or both of the water towers (Morrisburg and Iroquois) may be torn down. This is a concern since we have antennas on both towers as they are the highest structures in both towns.

Club Website

The  club website address is:

           www. IroquoisARC.ca      

Bill reported that the website was working just fine.

A vote was taken and approval made for the funds to keep the site running for another year.


Canada Day

We were allotted space at the Iroquois locks and so we set up 2 HF stations to get some publicity for the club. In attendance were: Keith VA3BG, Don VA3NC, Mike VA3TUF, Dave VE3JLV and Stan VA3JSF. We operated for about 2 hours which was long enough due to the extreme heat.

Camping trip

Keith VA3BG, Dave VE3JLV and Manfred VA3RMF with their significant others spent the weekend camping at Charleston Lake Prov Campground. Weather was sunny and warm. Looking forward to more attending next year.

Club Project

It was decided to do the Arduino project. Participants will need the Smraza Super UNO R3 Starter Kit which is available from Amazon Canada.

Mike VE3BAE and Keith gave a short talk and demonstration on the Project.

Note this is NOT a programming course but we will construct circuits and modify the programming to make them operate differently.  A laptop computer would be very useful for this course.

First session to be held Oct 9 at the legion at 10:00 Hrs.

HotSpot Demo

Keith offered to demonstrate a “hot spot” after the meeting. This is a device that allows all digital modes to communicate with one another.

Your DMR radio could communicate with a D-Star or a C4FM network but only one at a time. The same is true of your D-Star or C4FM Radio.

Normally all these modes are incompatible but this allows all modes to operate together but only one paring at a time.

Members who were not interested were free to go.

New Business:

Apparently the  Fire Department is not happy about storing our generator and have asked us to find another location to store it.

It should be in a location where we can easily access it in an emergency.

Any suggestions? Any volunteers?

Emergency Management Training

There may be a training exercise on October 30 but we have not had many details yet. Volunteers to attend from our club?

Flea Market 2019

There was some discussion about holding another Flea Market for 2019. There could be a gap since Durham Radio has gone out of business. We are thinking of asking Radio World if they

would be interested in attending.

We thought we would go ahead anyway and prepare to hold one on Saturday April 6 2019.

Don to place an early notice in TCA magazine to discourage the Montreal Club from picking the same date.

Christmas Dinner

Keith confirmed that the date of December 7 was available. It was voted that the cost for members remain at $10 with the club paying the balance. Les VE3LGL will be calling to confirm your attendance. If you fail to show up you are still responsible for the cost.

P.S. The club will buy your first drink.

Don't forget to bring a non perishable item for the food bank. Thank You.

50 50  Draw

Tickets were sold by George and the winner was Bill VE3UTG

Saturday Breakfast Date

The breakfast this month will be at the Yefsi Restaurant in Iroquois on Oct 13. at 09:00 Hrs.


The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Mike and Mike.

The next meeting to be held at the Legion in Iroquois November 7 at 19:30 hrs.

D M Brownlee VA3NC