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Minutes of the  meeting of IARC held in the Iroquois branch of the Royal Canadian Legion on Nov 1 2017

Members in Attendance:

Les VA3LGL, Gilbert VE3CFS, Stan VA3SJK, Bill VE3BXP, Mike VE3BAE, John VE3TV, Mike VA3TUF, George VE3TYZ, Keith VA3KPP, and, Don VA3NC.

Opening Remarks:

Keith opened the meeting by welcoming all members to the meeting. He also gave a special thank you to Mike VE3BAE for his outstanding work on the APRS build project.

Treasurer's Report:

The Treasurer’s report shows the clubs finances are in good order.         


Secretary's Report:

Nothing new to report.

Old Business:

Review of Last Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as published on a motion by Mike BAE and seconded by Gilbert.

Repeater Report

VE3IRO was working just fine until recently. After the meeting we have noticed that the squelch seems to be opening and a prolonged burst of static occurs.

VE3ESD has been checked out digitally and

should be moved to the former school building in Morrisburg in a week or two.

VA3NDC in Winchester seems to be OK but I have not heard much use lately.

There are rumors that the water tower on which VE3SVR is located may be demolished.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Flea Market Update   

A notice of our up coming Flea Market will be posted on the RAC Web Site as soon as possible and also sent to the TCA magazine for inclusion in their Jan-Feb issue and also the March-April issue.

It was noticed that Montreal has also posted their Flea Market for the same date. It was determined after some correspondence that they had a problem with their venue and that was the only date available during April.

We will let the Montreal Club know when we have scheduled our next Flea Market for 2019 as soon as we have reserved the date with the hope that the conflict can be avoided the following year.

Web Site

The web site now works OK with the new hosting company.

Club Build  

There should be about three more sessions to complete the build and get things working.

There should be more APRS signals on the air telling the world just where we are.

Christmas Dinner  

Les has reported that so far there are 21 people registered for the Turkey supper to be Held on December 9 at the Legion at 6 P M.

Please do not forget to bring a non-perishable food item.

The cost will be $10 with the club paying the balance. Drink tickets may also be issued.

Club Jackets

Les had ordered some new club patches that were four inches a side to be used on the jackets. The cost was $20 per patch and most members purchased them.

There was a further update on the jackets themselves. The colour is imperial blue. The words Amateur Radio will be embroidered on the back. On the front your name and call with the large patch sewn on the  upper sleeve. The patch to be purchased separately.

If we order about Twelve jackets the cost will be close to $100 with all the embroidery done. There will be a surcharge for oversize jackets like the one I wear.

When the order is placed all the information wanted on the jackets must be included and a 50% deposit is required. The jackets will be ready 4 (four) days after the order is placed.

There was a motion proposed my Mike TUF that the club pay 50% of the cost, excluding the patch, of current paid up members. The motion was seconded by Mike BAE and was passed by all present.

New Business:

Talk On Digital Modes

There was a talk given on the digital modes he was using on HF, by Bill BXP.

Bill gave a brief overview of various modes available: PSK31, JT65, JT8, digital slowscan TV etc and which particular modes he himself was using.

Bill brought several printouts to show us and invited us to his shack to observe things in action on a one to one basis if we were interested.


Saturday Breakfast Date

It was decided to hold the next breakfast at the Yefsi Restaurant in Iroquois on November 18 at 09:00 Hrs.


50 50  Draw

The tickets were sold by George and the winner was Keith.


The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Mike BAE and seconded by Gilbert CFS.

The next meeting to be held at the Legion in Iroquois Dec 6th 2017 at 19:30 hrs.


D M Brownlee