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Minutes of the  meeting of IARC held in the Iroquois branch of the Royal Canadian Legion on Jan 08, 2020

Members in Attendance:

 Gilbert VE3CFS, Stan VA3JSF, Manfred VA3RMF, Bill VE3BXP,  Mike VE3BAE, Les  VA3LGL, Mike VA3TUF,Preston VE3GXA, Perry VA3APS,    George VE3TYZ,  Keith VA3KPP,  Don VA3NC and special guest Chip Chapman VA3KBG .

Opening Remarks

Keith opened the meeting by welcoming all members to the meeting.

Treasurer's Report


      GIC    $5000 .           

      Bank   $ 525.24      

 On Hand  $ 176.30

     Total    $5701.54

Secretary's Report

Nothing new to report at this time.

Old Business

Review of Last Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as published on a motion by Dave and seconded by Bill BXP .

Repeater Report

VE3IRO The  noise is still on the repeater . When the weather gets warmer and appointments can be

Members in attendance:

Mike VE3BAE, Stan VA3JSF, Manfred VA3RMF, Mike VA3TUF, Bill VE3BXP, Don VA3NC, Dave VE3JLV,  Keith VA3BG, Tom VA3KD and Preston VE3GXA.

Opening Remarks:

Keith, VA3BG welcomed all in attendance and wished all a Happy New Year.  He indicated that the Christmas Dinner was again a successful affair and enjoyed by the attendees and their guests.

Keith announced that Mike VE3BAE would be taking over the (unpaid) duties of Secretary.  He also indicated that the rate of pay would be equal to his!.  

Keith took this opportunity to thank Don, VA3NC for his many years of dedication doing the secretary's job, and he was thanked by all in attendance.  Thanks Don.

Treasurer's Report:

The Treasurer’s report shows the club’s finances are in good order.

Secretary's Report:

Don indicated that the Flea Market announcements had been forwarded to RAC and are in the January/February issue of the TCA Magazine.  He will be having the announcement posted on the ONTARS Web Site.

Old Business:

There being no old business to discuss, therefore it was not addressed !

Review of Last Minutes:

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted on a motion by Stan VA3JSF, seconded by Mike VA3TUF.

Repeater Report:

Repeater VE3IRO is operating normally. Keith checked the VA3ESD Repeater and reset it's internet settings and is now operating normally.

Gilbert VE3CFS has the new Yaesu repeater ready to go.  There is a UHF channel as well as the VHF channel.  The UHF channel could be used in future to remotely control the repeater through all of it's functions.  This would necessitate installing a separate UHF antenna.

The current repeater building had water leaks which damaged the Fire Department radio equipment, but luckily did not damage our old faithful VE3IRO machine.  

The club is now waiting for the new building to be available.  When it is, the new repeater will be installed and put into operation.

Club Website:

Bill VE3BXP indicated that the website was in normal operation.

Club Project:

Keith VA3BG updated the QRP Labs project all mode  transceiver, the QSX.  Development is still ongoing on the transceiver.  So we will just wait and see if and when the kit is available.

Mike VE3BAE mentioned that he had looked into an Arduino based “Atomic Clock” project.  The “Atomic Clocks” use the WWVB transmissions from Fort Collins, Colorado.  The transmission is on 60Khz, and is used  to synchronize the units.  

These units now use the new Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) mode of data transmission which makes the clocks much more reliable and immune from the 60Khz transmissions from station MSF in the UK.

The cost of the modules which include the receiver decoder board and two antennas is about $65.00 CAD.  The only other components required would be the Arduino Processor and a Display.  These are in the kits purchased for the previous Arduino Course.

The hardware portion of the unit would be quite

simple, but the Arduino Sketch would be a challenge.  Mike will pass on the information to Keith , our

resident software guru, for further investigation.

The hardware portion of the unit would be quite simple, but the Arduino Sketch would be a challenge.  Mike will pass on the information to Keith, our resident software guru, for further investigation.

Flea Market:

Mike VA3TUF has prepared an assignment sheet for the Flea Market Volunteers.  A copy is attached to these minutes. A short discussion ensued, with all in agreement.

New Business:

Matilda Winter Carnival:

Keith VA3BG indicated he had been approached to provide communication support for the car rally again this year.  He has given a tentative “yes” to the request.  

A discussion ensued on the general requirements and locations of the check points.  It would be a good occasion to test out the club's Emergency Radios.

When a show of hands was requested, Keith VA3BG, Manfred VA3RMF, Don VA3NC and Tom VA3KD indicated they would be available.


Dave, VE3JLV indicated that the two club GICs were up for renewal.  The current rates of interest are 1.65% for the non-redeemable GIC and 0.5% for the redeemable.

Following a discussion on whether to leave the GICs as is or to renegotiate them, it was decided to renew both GICs as is.

Signing Authority:

Dave VE3JLV will be away for February and part of March and was therefore requesting signing authority for the Club during his absence.  It was decided that Keith VA3BG would be the alternate Treasurer signing authority.

Don proposed a motion to accept this proposal and it was seconded by Tom VA3KD.

Guest Speaker:

Conspicuous by his/her absence, therefore there was nothing to report

Saturday Breakfast Date:

There will be a breakfast to be held at the Yefsi Restaurant on January 11th .  Don will send an email to all members.

Show and Tell:

Keith VA3BG did a demonstration of his VNA, Vector Network Analyzer which he recently acquired.  Using a mag mount antenna, VSWR curves were shown and discussed. Quite a piece of test equipment for the price. See the attached note on VNAs.

50 – 50 Draw:

Tom, VA3KD won the draw and turned the proceeds back to the Club. Thanks Tom.


Motion by Don, VA3NC.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held at the Legion in Iroquois on February 5th at 19:30 Hrs.

Tom, VA3KD will be doing a presentation on the SKCC, the Straight Key Century Club.  Tom has been a CW operator for a number of years.

This group encourages CW operation using a straight key.  A good place to start if you are a slow speed CW operator or just learning the Morse Code.

Sounds like it will be very interesting.

Net Controller Schedule:

As this is my first crack at this schedule, I just went by the previous schedules.  Hopefully the current schedule will be satisfactory. At the next meeting, I will check with the attendees, and have a better idea on Net Controller availability.   Thanks


Two attachments are included in this month's minutes (included with minutes sent direct to club members).

-The Flea Market task assignments

-A short article on Vector Network Analyzers


Mike J. Beaudin  VE3BAE