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Minutes of the meeting of IARC held on-air (VE3IRO) on May 05, 2021

Members in Attendance:

 Gilbert VE3CFS, Stan VA3JSF, Manfred VA3RMF, Bill VE3BXP,  Mike VE3BAE, Les  VA3LGL, Mike VA3TUF,Preston VE3GXA, Perry VA3APS,    George VE3TYZ,  Keith VA3KPP,  Don VA3NC and special guest Chip Chapman VA3KBG .

Opening Remarks

Keith opened the meeting by welcoming all members to the meeting.

Treasurer's Report


      GIC    $5000 .           

      Bank   $ 525.24      

 On Hand  $ 176.30

     Total    $5701.54

Secretary's Report

Nothing new to report at this time.

Old Business

Review of Last Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as published on a motion by Dave and seconded by Bill BXP .

Repeater Report

VE3IRO The  noise is still on the repeater . When the weather gets warmer and appointments can be


Minutes of the meeting held “on-line” on May 5th 2021, on the Iroquois Repeater, VE3IRO.

Members in attendance:

Keith VA3BG, Dave VE3YH, Mike VE3BAE, Mike VA3TUF, Manfred VA3LG, Jeff VE3MDC, Preston VE3GXA, Stan VA3JSF, Tom VA3KD, Les VA3LDL, Gilbert VE3CFS, Don VA3NC, and Bill VE3BXP.

Opening Remarks:

Keith indicated that this meeting would be a short one as the Agenda was short. He also hoped that we could start together in September if things go right.

Treasurer's Report:

Dave VE3YH indicated that the treasurer's report this month had been e-mailed to the members.

Dave put forward a motion to accept the Financial Report which was seconded by Mike VA3TUF. The motion was passed.

Secretary's Report:

Mike VE3BAE indicated that there was no report for this month's meeting. A lucky escape again!

Review of the Minutes of the last Meeting:

There were no comments on the minutes. It was moved by Les VA3LGL to accept the minutes, and seconded by Don, VA3NC. The motion was passed.

Repeater Report:

Keith, VA3BG provided a short report on the VE3ESD repeater. He has rebooted the machine but there are still some anomalies which will require a site visit.

Gilbert, VE3CFS reported that all repeaters were functioning as required, but he was unable to check all the digital modes.

Dave, VE3YH also indicated, for the benefit of new members, that the Winchester repeater VA3NDC was the alternate machine should there be an outage with the Iroquois machine, VE3IRO.

Club Website:

Bill VE3BXP indicated that the website was in normal operation.

Old Business:

Club Project:

Keith indicated that the sessions have been going well and participants are enjoying them. The emulator which enables building and testing a circuit in software prior to building it in real time has been completed. The next step is to build a Pi low power transmitter.

New Business:

Guest Speaker:

Nothing to report as we are not having in person meetings.

VE3IRO Discussion:

There was some discussion concerning the on-going work on the Iroquois Water Tower which houses the IRO repeater. The tower is being repainted and a certain amount of scaffolding has been erected around the antenna. As mentioned in the repeater report, should the Water Tower work compromise the IRO repeater, the Winchester machine, VA3NDC would be the alternate.

Future Meetings:

The next meeting will be held on June 2nd, at 7:30 PM, with the current repeater format.

Other Business:


The meeting was “adjourned” around 19:41 hrs with a motion by Gilbert VE3CFS.


Mike J. Beaudin VE3BAE