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1 year old Yaesu FTM-7250 C4FM with programming

software for sale.

Price is $300.00 + shipping    I can be contacted by email:    gdavis7004@gmail.com

I can be contacted by email: gdavis7004@gmail.com

Works as it should.

Hi Folks.

As you know, Rick VE3CVG passed away a few weeks ago and his son is selling off his Ham Radio Equipment.

Here is a list of the Items that will go to the Smiths Falls ham fest to be sold. But before that, the items are available to you if you are interested.

222MHz 5W in 30W out amp

Realistic HTX-100 - modified for Transverter use

Home Brew 222MHz Transverter 28MHz IF

Yaesu MD-100 desk mike <-- SOLD

Phaser 40M digital Mode Transciever /w Manual

ICOM IC-AGI 430 MHz Pre-amp

Alinco DJ-V27 222Mhz handheld (needs battery)

Alinco DJ-V27 222Mhz handheld

Kenwood Th-D7A 144 - 430 handheld

Baofeng DM-1801 144-440 DMR handheld w/charger

Hyetara UHF digital Radio PD562 w/charger

Baofeng DM-1801 144-440 DMR handheld

Hyetara UHF digital Radio PD562 w/charger

Television Amp SWS 208 IW -17

Daiwa CN-801 1.5-200Mhz SWR meter

MFJ-432 Voice Keyer

MFJ-971 portable HF Tuner

Rigblaster Pro Computer Interface

MFJ-616 Speech Processer

Rigblaster Blue

Signal Link USB

Bencher Silver Keyer

MFJ-1702B Antenna Switch

DLink DI-604 Router

BTW 376 Coax Switch

Diamond MX-3won Triplexer

Hytera UHF DMR w/2 batt+base charger

TPlink Ethernet Switch

DV Red Dongle

Kenwood Th-D7 144 - 430 handheld

ICOM ID-51 DSTAR Handheld

Microsoft GPS500

Raspberry PI 3B

Raspberry PI 3B

Raspberry PI 4B

Ameritron ACS-4 Remote Switch

4 Pos Antenna Switch

Cushcraft LAC4 Lightning Arrester

Polyphaser IS-B50LN-C2 Lightning Arrester

Raspberry PI 3B

Nikom DL1 1500W HF/VHF Dummy load

DV Blue DSTAR Dongle

If there is any interest from the club for these items, please message

Don VA3DRK directly  at donkempt@gmail.com or by phone 613-796-7143